The justice system isn’t
meeting Canadians' needs
We are working
to make it better

About the Action Committee

There is a serious access to justice problem in Canada. The civil and family justice system is too complex, too slow and too expensive. It is too often incapable of producing just outcomes that are proportional to the problems brought to it or reflective of the needs of the people it is meant to serve. While there are many dedicated people trying hard to make it work and there have been many reform efforts, the system continues to lack coherent leadership, institutional structures that can design and implement change, and appropriate coordination to ensure consistent and cost effective reform. Major change is needed.

The Action Committee, established by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin in 2007. It continues to bring people together to examine solutions on this critical issue.

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Guiding Principles for Change

  • Put the Public First
  • Collaborate & Coordinate
  • Prevent & Educate
  • Simplify
  • Take Action
  • Focus on Outcomes

The Action Committee works closely with justice sector organizations. In particular, The Canadian Forum on Civil Justice and the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice provide administrative, communications and research support.

Access to Justice Research Network

The Access to Justice Research Network (AJRN) aims to connect a wide range of justice stakeholders who are passionate about access to justice in Canada. Coordinated by the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice the AJRN allows its members to share research, resources and other material related to access to justice.